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Suresh Rathod | Founder

Hunger to learn and grow combined with an entrepreneurial spirit is a rare combination. But in case of Mr. Suresh Rathod – founder of RD Spare Parts & LCD Tool Kit – along with this combination, an affinity towards technology and innovations is naturally built in....

Since he took the helm of the RD Spare Parts & LCD Tool Kit business in 2014, the business turnover grew 3 times within 3 months and the customer base grew pan-India within just 2 years. This growth was possible only because of Suresh Rathod’s innovative ideas and keen sense of futuristic designs.

Today, RD Spare Parts & LCD Tool Kits is one of the fastest growing companies in India. The company’s products are widely used and appreciated by mobile repair shops all over the country.

Manufactured using the latest technologies, they find the products of RD extremely innovative, well designed and useful in their everyday operations.

Chetan Singh Rathod | Managing Director

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. One such bold step was taken by Mr. Chetan Singh Rathod, the honourable founder of the RD group, when he moved to Mumbai at a young age of 15. ...

Coming from a small town in Rajasthan without much formal education and no money for backup, from working at a mobile store then, to running a multi crore turnover business today, it was not an easy journey to where he has reached today.

Mr. Chetan Singh Rathod has been leading and guiding the RD Group over the last 23 years now which has several companies under it today - RD Mobile LCD, RD® Mobile Accessories, Tessco™, Target™ and MCare™.

Humble beginnings should not stop one from dreaming and achieving big, they say. And no one could exemplify this better than our founder Chetan Singh Rathod.


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